The Future of Legacy

Inspiring you to capture memories & organise things to preserve your Digital Footprint & Legacy

Suke Ridler

In person & Virtual Motivational Speaker

Sydney, Australia & Manchester, UK based speaker. Empowering people around the world with the inspiration and resources to capture their digital legacy, safely & securely.

Because life can change in a heartbeat!

Why Should We Capture our Life Story?

It seems such an enormous task, but we should pass on our wisdom & family history

About Suke

Why this? Why Now?

Hi there! I’m a Motivational Speaker and Founder & CEO of BioJars. I live between Sydney & Manchester, have a go at open-mic stand-up comedy for fun, and enjoy drinking good wine.

It wasn’t so long ago that I had to face my own mortality and realised that I’d left everything in such a mess, I hadn’t written my life story, or left messages for my family.

I’ve also had to work through some complex issues; losing my Dad without discussing his medical wishes with him, not being able to find my Mum’s Will and know who the Executors were and managing a relative’s Estate with a shoe box of information, which led to litigation.

This shows I have a true understanding of why we need to act now. We must record our unique stories before they are lost forever, leave messages to help comfort our loved ones just in case anything happens unexpectedly and reduce the risk of anxiety, issues and potential conflict in families.

My passion is to inspire you to capture your life & curate your legacy, or help someone to do theirs… because it is the most important task that any of us will ever do!


Why Should We Curate our Digital Legacy?

Reflect on how many family & friends you have loved & lost, sometimes quite unexpectedly

International Speaker

Suke travels from Sydney AUSTRALIA and Manchester UK

The Future of Legacy message can be delivered across multiple industries to spread awareness to audiences of all ages to inspire them to start Capturing their Life & Curating their Legacy. Presentations start with the audience being taken on a poetic light-hearted journey on writing our life story and collecting all sorts of things from birth, with legacy introduced in a thought provoking way.

The Future of Legacy

Motivational | Professional

Delivered as a powerful 10 minute TEDx style presentation or up to a 60 minute keynote address.

This presentation will inspire you to think about managing your physical & digital footprint and the security of your personal data.

It will also provoke organisations to think about how safe is their digital data and all aspects of their legacy that they are leaving in their wake.

Innovation Through Challenge

Motivational | Professional

Presentation suited for conferences, part of an organisational address or corporate professional training sessions.

Suke’s journey is an example of how to continually reinvent yourself.

From an acoustic engineer to a physics teacher, establishing an agri-business and a tech start-up BioJars, Suke inspires you to overcome personal & business challenges by applying a growth mindset.

What an amazing message that Suke has. She is such a great inspiring story teller. Highly recommend Suke as an outstanding speaker.
Sam Cawthorn, CEO & Founder of Speakers Institute