Why This? Why Now?

Founder of BioJars | Suke Ridler

Life can change in a heartbeat…

Not so long ago I was air-lifted from the country to the city in septic shock. I stared into the nurses’ eyes and whispered, am I going to die?

I realised I hadn’t gotten around to writing my life story and the burden my death would put on my family.

I’ve also experienced some complex family issues when losing family because of the lack of information.

These experiences inspired me to create BioJars; a beautiful online place that helps captures your life story, simplifies organising your affairs and preserves your legacy for always.

Do you want to make it easier for family?

What is BioJars?

Life & Legacy

How Does It Work?


Write a Life Story using the Memory Jars

Use an easy template & prompts to capture your memories

Capture individual memories to build your unique life story. Share each memory now or in the future as part of your legacy.

Share different version of your story to individuals, family & friends and future generations depending on the Secret Keeper & Time Lock settings that you decide to give each memory.

Write a life stories of your one of your loved ones so your family history is not lost forever.

Collect, organise & store information in the Things Jars

Use the Things Jars to order and store documents & artefacts

Store certificates, important documents and other information so they can be found quickly from anywhere around the world, securely and in one place.

Declutter email boxes, files and storage devices including your phone.

Let go of those physical things: Take photos of kid’s artwork, trophies, nick-knacks, other artefacts even jewelry and family heirlooms, so you can pass on or throw away the originals.

Store passwords in the highly secure Password Jar

Keep all documents & related passwords safe in one place

Save all your passwords securely in the same place as your documents knowing that BioJars has very advanced and multiple layered cryptographic protection over and above what is used in other typical cloud systems.

Nominate Guardians who can access information required to execute Advance Care Directives and Wills and know where to find original documentation.

Create and visit online memorials of loved ones: Treasure Forever

Saying Goodbye is never easy

Losing a loved one is always a traumatic experience, and we want to stay connected to those we have loved and lost, to touch base with them in some way and leave tributes when they are gone.

Unfortunately, the situation can be made more difficult by being physically distant from your loved one’s gravesite or memorial headstone. If you rely on look at a social media profile it may end up being hacked or deleted.

Create beautiful Legacy Bios to view online and Legacy Books that can be printed so your loved one’s stories, and eventually yours can be preserved forever.

BioJars is a zero knowledge platform, which means information cannot be read or reconstructed: all data is transmitted and stored encrypted.

BioJars has a very advanced and multiple layered cryptographic protection. The first layer is the same technology as financial institutions use and on top of this sits our unique encryption engine.

Access and review your information anywhere around the world with secure authentication; if you are travelling, move interstate or overseas on any device.

Unlike social media accounts that can easily be hacked or deleted, your information is safe and accessible to you, your Guardians, your family & future generations.

BioJars is not an advertising platform and has no has no association with legal or insurance companies, government services, healthcare, aged care, or funeral providers.

This means that when you signed into BioJars, you will not be shown adverts of any kind.

BioJars is a company with purpose at its core and has relationships with a variety of non-for-profit organisations.

BioJars donates 10% of annual subscriptions to our Partners which you select to support.


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