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Wills & Estates

Find Information

Do your clients have difficulty finding Wills & Estate documents?

How often are there issues regarding the management and security of client’s information?

Access Details

How many times do your clients struggle to find all the relevant information to execute Probate?

Do you have problems accessing their online accounts and passwords?

Reducing Risk

Is there a lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities and/or the potential for family conflict?

Is there a risk for Elder Abuse?

Easy to Use Application

BioJars is Free Forever

BioJars is an app your clients can sign up for, to start organising their life and managing their digital legacy.

BioJars guides people to collate, store and provide access to personal information, online accounts & passwords to relevant family & professionals, as well as prompting people to journal about their life.

BioJars is not a legal service and strongly advocates people use a Solicitor/Attorney to prepare a Will and other formal documents required.

Organise Your Life

Content Security

BioJars encrypts each individual item of content for all time, even after death.

Calculations show data is safe for over 40 years from a brute force attack.

The app uses a very advanced encryption engine OllaDatum developed by BioJars *Patent Pending*.

Benefits for Solicitors & Attorneys

Could BioJars enhance the standards of your practice?

We can discuss with you a range of options and incentives for how BioJars can be made available to your clients, depending on your level of participation.

BioJars on all devices

Advantages for Clients

Give your clients an easy way to organise and store their important documents & passwords.

Encourage clients to provide secure access to information for their Guardians; executors, enduring guardians, professionals such as yourself, as well as people that may assist informally.

It’s really useful particularly for relatives & friends that live interstate or overseas, and may not find or have timely access to what they’ll need.

What TO DO next...

Now you may understand a little about what BioJars is, we suggest you...

  • Set up a BioJars Basic Free Forever account.
  • Request some BioJars brochures for your reception to send to clients with their estate planning documents.
  • Contact BioJars to organise a demo via zoom.