Palliative Care Professionals

Supporting People

Write a Life Story

Do you assist someone that needs help capturing their memories so they can pass their life story onto family, friends & generations to come?

Reduce Risk

Do you want to help a person organise their affairs to assist their families at a time of great stress?
Is there risk of family conflict as a person dies?

Share & Secrets

Do you discuss what people should do with private or secret memories and things that they would like to say and share with particular individuals after they have died?

Easy to Use App

BioJars is Free Forever

BioJars prompts people to journal about their life as well as guides them to collate, store and save their personal information, online accounts & passwords together, securely in one place.

Help people to manage their digital legacy with BioJars on their phone, tablet or computer.

We are here to help you, help them no matter how poorly they are or how good either of you is at using technology.

Organise Your Life

Content Security

BioJars encrypts each individual item of content for all time, even after death.

The app uses a very advanced encryption engine OllaDatum developed by BioJars *Patent Pending*.

All documentation ie an Advance Care Directive can be stored safe & securely for easy access by you and others.

Benefits for Palliative Care Providers

Could BioJars enhance the standards of your service?

We can discuss with you a range of options and incentives for how BioJars can be made available to people in your care, depending on your level of participation.

BioJars on all devices


Content can be shared with whoever and whenever, in life, after death or both.

Encourage seniors to provide secure access to information for their Guardians; executors, enduring guardians, professionals such as yourself, as well as people that may assist informally.

It’s useful particularly for relatives & friends living interstate or overseas. They may not find or have timely access to what they’ll need to make decisions, that impact your care.

What TO DO next...

Now you may understand a little about what BioJars is, we suggest you...

  • Set up a BioJars Basic Free Forever account
  • Request some BioJars brochures for your reception and to provide to people and their families when they enquire about or engage your services.
  • Contact BioJars to organise a demo via zoom.