Journaling Your Life Webinar

Even if you're time-poor!


Journaling Your Life

Watch NOW or at 11am AEDT Daily

Enjoy watching this 30-minute webinar with Suke, CEO & Founder of BioJars.

This webinar is suitable for any age. We have younger people wanting to help their parents through to people in their 80s that are not so confident with technology.


“I have been writing for the past six months, and have covered a lot of ground, but it was very jumbled up. I enjoyed your introduction of the concept of Biojars, and it’s just what I needed.” ~ Barbara

Here's what you'll learn:

Make it Easy
Set up a computer & phone to make it simple and fast to journal your life

Recalling Memories
How we recall memories and understand why they become distorted.

Share Your Journal
Find out how to share parts of your journal online now and parts to save to share later as your digital legacy.

Outline Your Story
Construct an outline of your life in 5 time periods and start with 5 key memory prompts in each period.

Journaling Using Voice
Learn how to journal by recording voice, converting to text, and also adding audio files.

30 Day Challenge
Join the 30-Day Challenge to receive additional resources, learn how to preserve photos & videos.


“I nearly died from a superbug. I remember looking into the nurse’s eyes and what went through my mind was: I haven’t left my story for my kids, their families, and future generations. I urge you to start journaling your life now or help someone do their’s before family history gets lost forever. Let me show you how…”

Suke Ridler
CEO & Founder of BioJars